Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Disney Trip

We all went to Disneyland the last week of September. Kate had a conference down there. We stayed at the Grand Californian so we were right in on the action. Kate's dad, Tom, went with us to help out with the kiddos. It was so good to have him along, he was a big help and made the trip that much more pleasant. Here's a breakdown of what we did and some pictures. I suppose I don't expect anyone to really care what we did each day, but this is the best way for me to chronicle it so I don't forget, haha. The kids all did really well by the way. They were great on the plane, great in the parks, and had a blast!
An aside: Vera and Abram had their one year check ups in September - both doing well. Both over 50% in weight and height. Abe was 24lbs and Vera was 23lbs.
I wrote extensive itineraries for each day of the trip and believe it or not we stuck to them.


Day 1 - We arrived by plane, got to the hotel, picked up our packages shipped in from and settled in for a nap. After nap we all went to the pool. Vera LOVED it. Abram, not so much. Of course Judah had a great time with Grandpa Tom and went down the little water slide a couple of times.

Team Disney!
Day 2 - We got the early admission to Disneyland and went on nearly every ride. Judah did the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, the Carousel  Small World, Pirates, Autotopia, Jungle Cruise, and Finding Nemo. He had a little comment about all the rides and was super serious and analytical throughout. "That one could have used more slow parts." "That monster's eyes were too red." "I'm a crazy driver!!"

Mama and Judah at the gates!

Judah after his first roller coaster ride

This was Judah's favorite
Day 3 - Kate went to the conference and Grandpa Tom, Shelby, and Kiddos went to the parks. They did mostly California Adventure Park including the new Carsland. Judah really enjoyed that. Grandpa Tom, Shelby, and Judah went to the World of Color show at night and said it was awesome.
Cars ride

Lightening McQueen

Day 4 - Today there was only one goal - MEET RAPUNZEL. Judah waited in line for an hour to meet her and it was an hour well spent. He loves her. He chatted her up, hugged her, and blew kisses. The babies loved Pirates and Small World. Grandpa Tom and Shelby went on the big roller coaster - California Screamin.

Judah and Rapunzel chillin

Day 5 - This was a chill day. Kate got back from the conference early and went on the ride she really wanted to go on - the Canyon River Run raft ride at California Adventure Park. We were going to do fireworks this night but Judah was exhausted, and so were we.

Day 6 - Traveled home! We got burgerville on the way home (of course). Great trip.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Season 2012

Hello out there! Apologies for the serious lack of blog posts for, well I suppose its been about a year, yikes. Not that we don't have our fair share of adorable excuses. Sooo... where to start on the catch up. 

Judah: He turned 4 this week!!! Amazing. I am simultaneously amazed at how fast he's grown up and yet I can barely remember my life without him. He cracks me up and is so much like his mommy in personality and looks like daddy. He started preschool and is thrilled beyond belief for that. He did a fire station tour for his birthday and really dug that. He loves all variety of emergency vehicles, in fact. Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, tow trucks, etc. The ultimate right now is a police motorcycle with a lady driving.Judah is a natural at athletic activities and has been riding a bike without training wheels for quite a while. He got a scooter for his birthday and had it down in about 30 minutes. He did some speech therapy for some little problems with his pronunciation and is doing a bit better. He has no idea what Disneyland is, but we are going in a couple of weeks. I can't freakin wait to watch him loose it when we arrive. 

Abram: Of course he and sister Vera are an entire year old now. Now, that's an increment of time I can truly believe. It was hard but completely worth it. Abram is strong and sweet - a heart melting combination, really. He walks on his knees and is days away from taking some true steps. We call him Bam Bam because he loves to just make a bunch of noise and tear things up. He gives kisses and hugs - our most affectionate kid.

Vera: Oh man I love this little lady! She's our most laid back kid (more of a Shelby personality). Although hold on to your hat if you take a toy out of her hand - she's got a serious temper in there. I'm glad there's a long fuse though. She has always been the best eater in the bunch. Her favorite food is cheese eggs. She can say mama, dada, and THAT (really emphatically). Not too close to walking yet, but she'll get there.

Kate: Working full time and breastfeeding twins: EPIC. I have nothing else to add because I literally haven't done anything but work and nurse, that's it. Well, now that I think of it - my best friend "Aunt Stephenie" got married last month and it was beautiful.

Shelby: Kicking ass at being a stay-at-home dad. He cooks all 3 meals for the entire family, and they are yummy too! Actually, we just had our first restaurant experience with all 5 of us today - went well. Shelby stopped working at New Seasons in March. He is now full time manager of operations of Sundstrom-Robinson household. Certainly comes with a much tougher boss.

Okay, here are a few pictures and a promise to blog at least once per month from here on out. I'm gonna have to stop using the infant twins excuse on a lot of things now that they are a year old.

 3 little kids - no one looks at the camera at once (May 2012)

 Great Grandpa George and the babies July 2012

 Grandpa George, Kate, and Vera

 Fire Station Day Sept 2012

 Birthday Boy driving a fire truck!

 1 year old - Abe gets messy

 Vera opening presents

 I love this kitchen! Thanks mom and dad.

 Brothers cooking

 She wasn't a big fan of the audience. 1 year old Vera!

 4 years old - unbelievable!

 Check out that hair - Vera in bath

 We aren't fighting for once!

 Twinsies - love them

 Her hair is difficult to contain - Vera on modified camping trip

Mr. Charming at campground

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011

Hello from our family of five. Kate is writing this blog with Abram in the Moby (sling). Things have been delightfully busy this month. Let's see, what's new... Kate's sister Jackie moved in with us and has been a huge help with the babies and Judah. Judah loves having his Aunt Jackie around for crafts and walks and all sorts of fun.
Abram and Vera are both doing well. I don't have any current weights to share because I stopped stressing out about their growth a few weeks ago. At last check Abram was about 2 pounds heavier than Vera and I can tell you without concrete numerical data that trend has continued. He is in a larger size of clothes and diapers than she is. I call him my tank. Vera is holding her own though. She's my little ladybird. After a rough first few weeks of getting tired during nursing and needing bottles she joined the power nurser club.
They are 8 weeks old today and we've had a few glimpses of smiles here and there for the past couple of days. They can both easily hold their heads up for long periods of time. Ah, the sleep question... everyone wants to know "Are you getting any sleep?" The answer is YES!!! We are sleeping much more than we were with Judah at this age. It comes in little intervals, but its there.
Judah is doing amazingly well. I am absolutely pleasantly surprised by his transition to big brother of two babies. He is caring and empathetic. Whenever one is crying he runs for a pacifier. He sings ABCs to them as well. He is also totally into doing is own thing. He likes bike rides, playing trains, and is starting to pretend. This is a totally adorable stage. I didn't think I would like anything past 2 as much as 2. I LOVE 2! But 3 is delightful. Watching his imagination at work is awesome. He can type his name on the computer.
Kate returns to work the week of Thanksgiving. Shelby is still working a couple of shifts a week at New Seasons. Jackie has a part-time job at a bakery.
Hope you are well out there!!
The following pictures are not in any real order, we aren't expert bloggers.

Abram and Aunt Jackie - 7weeks

Vera 7 weeks

We love this picure - sweet chaos of our recent additions.

Pumpkin carving

Vera 5 weeks

Abram and Vera -1 week or so

Vera and Abram 1 week or so

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our newest family members...

On August 31st, 2011 at 8:44pm and 8:55pm our new babies were born.
Kate delivered both of them beautifully, it was quite impressive.
Abram Roman was first at 6lbs 7oz and 19", followed by Vera Katherine at 5lbs 12oz and 18".
We came home from the hospital on Friday night and have been recovering, getting used to every 3 hour feedings, and celebrating Judah's 3rd birthday.
Here are a few pictures...

I'm three!

Abram and Vera with mom.

Abram and Vera.

Abram sleeping adorably.

It's your birthday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The twins at 28 weeks

Baby Boy

Baby Boy profile

Baby B

Judah's July - A photo essay.

The best part about making whipped cream.

Happy Birthday America!

It's dark, were tired, and this is going to be loud.


Laid Back...

Great Grandpa George and Judah playing frisbee.

"I want to listen to babies' hearts."

International Rose Garden - July 22nd!?

"I found this slide!"

I see you!

"Dad give me the camera. Sit right here. Put feet here."

" I can do adorable"

"Dad, say 'cheese!"

He insisted on a profile shot.

Good thing he was well fed.