Friday, August 22, 2008

39 Weeks

We made it this far, who knows how long we will go?
Kate is still working and doing yoga. Everything is going just fine according to our midwife, Patti, who we saw on Wednesday. This week everyone thinks we are having a boy. Ronald is getting extra cozy. The baby's office is already to go and we have our attempt at cloth diapers all planned out. We are yet to figure out what bottle "system" we want to use, and are going to try a few to see what we/baby like.
We got photos from one of the photo shoots Kate had. Here are a few.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our First Post

This is officially our first post. Everyone can thank Ed for bugging me to start a blog for when the baby gets here.

Here is the low down. Today Kate is at 37 weeks. WOW!

I am nowhere close to having the house where I want it before the baby gets here. It has been a cool summer, I can't get the tomatoes to ripen at all :( Yet everyday it has been over 90 degrees, has been my day off (normally this would be wonderful for me, except when you are trying to paint your house).

Kate is in that uncomforatble stage where she doesn't sleep much, but she is trooper and continues to work full time.

We had some maternity photos taken, stay tuned for a link in a couple weeks.