Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 year and beyond

horses at the fair


Now that we're over the year mark Judah's been eating a larger variety of food including cheese and mac and cheese. He seems to like spicy and heavily spiced foods which might have been why baby food was such a struggle. He's walking and loves to hang out at the playground. He says mama although it seems to be somewhat random. Occasionally you can tell its purposeful. Oh my, he dances too which is basically the cutest thing. We'll have to get a video up soon :)


Thanks for the cake Aunt Jackie!


Foot meets frosting

Above are some shots of Judah's birthday party. It was super fun and special thanks to Kari and Cale who let us use their house due to rain. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate an amazing year. Judah started walking full-time at his party. Gave everyone quite the show. He had taken a couple of steps here and there, but decided his party was the place to really show his new abilities!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 months

Wow we are quickly approaching the 1 year mark. Was it fast or slow...hmmm....BOTH!

We are having a party on Sept 5th to celebrate Judah's first year! It is at Sellwood Park in Portland at 3pm. Just bring a side dish and let Kate or Shelby know you are coming.

Judah keeps on developing. His newest focus has been "figuring stuff out". He figured out how to pull shirts and bibs off his head, and gets upset when he can't put them back on. Toys that used to ilicit random hand slamming to make noises are now careful movement of individual parts for desired effect. He is turning pages in books more often than just trying to chew on them. He is still super mobile and very fast. No steps yet, but he reaches across further and further gaps every day while standing.

Judah is getting two more teeth on top for a total of 6. He has really taken to eating, which is good since he constantly burns calories crawling all over everything. Currently his favorite food "whatever is on mom's plate" and not whatever we carefullt made him.

Yesterday Judah met his Great Uncle Brian and Great Aunt Judy. We had a very nice visit and Judah loved meeting their dog who actually let Judah pet him and licked his face instead of running away. (I'll post pictures as soon as I get them).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Judah is 10 months old! He is suddenly discovering the joy in life! Several new activities have started in the last month including:
Crawling - on hands and knees (about 90% of the time now)
Standing on his own for a few seconds
He said "Bye"
He sort of says, "Ma-Ma" (When he thinks she is around and he is upset....aka nap time)
He can open the back screen door, and go right outside.
He can crawl up stairs.
He plays catch...well, a rolling version anyway.
He puts things in other things, and takes them out.
Recognizing different types of animals.

Food has gotten much better. Judah has begun to enjoy eating. If pea soup is available, you have to cut him off. Currently Avacados are out and pears are in!

Judah also met Great Grandpa George! That's 4 of 6 Great Grandparents! WOW!

Also Uncle Ed and Aunt Sarah came to visit. Shelby and Ed climbed Mt St Helens.

Kate starts a 9 day vacation tomorrow. Were going to take Judah and Ron to the coast, our first family vacation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

9 months oh my!

Judah turned nine months old on the 4th! He had his Dr appt today. He is 28.75" tall and 19 lbs 12oz. He is so busy moving instead of eating solids that he only grew up and put on no weight. Lately he has started to take a new interest in food as he works on picking up items to put in his mouth. One time he even made it! As long as he puts on 4 oz in the next 3 months, we can turn the car seat around.

Also here is a video that is sure to embarass him later in life.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Judah on the move

Since our last post Judah went to Seattle for mom's Certified Nurse Midwife Conference. He had a blast. There were about 1000 midwives to pay attention to him. His favorite were all the hotel mirrors, especially the ones in the elevator. He handled the drives pretty well.

Judah has really focused on being vertical lately. He can pull himself up onto things (couch, changing table, his co-sleeper bed, and the open dishwasher). The dishwasher has proven to be quite compelling, lately the sound of the dishwasher opening causes Judah to stop everything and crawl over as fast as he can to getup on the door and play with the racks.

Last night we gave Judah a walker (thank you Julia) and he took to it right away. He is already starting to steer and will stop it and use it to get to what he wants (like the dishwasher). Once he figures out reverse he will be able to go just about anywhere in an "Austin Powers in a cart" sort of way.

Below are a few shots and a video.

P.S. He gets that look from Kate, I can't even make my eyebrows do that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow Judah is moving fast, literally! He has been army crawling for sometime now, but has really picked up speed recently. He can one side of the house to the other in about 5 seconds and loves crawling down the sky bridge at moms work.
He has begun walking with us holding his hands and has decided it is his new favorite activity (for the next week or so).
Teeth continue to come in. He now has 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
Today we got back from a short trip to Idaho. The trip was for Kate's Grandma Amanda's funeral, but Judah did get to meet his Great Grandpa Ernie (The first of four). As usual there were dozens of randoms in the airport who felt the need to tell how cute he is, comment on his eyes, think we said "Judith", etc. As it turns out, people like a little happy baby's noises throughout a funeral. We also ate about ten different kinds of pie.
Thank you to Lillianne and Stan for letting us stay with them and Tony and Alissa for taking care of Ron Ron Dogpants.

Next weekend, Seattle!

Judah with Great Grandpa Ernie

Having fun in Church

View at the wildlife refuge in Bonner's Ferry

View from Grandpa Ernie's front deck

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are bad bloggers, it has been more than a month and oh what a month it has been.
Development wise Judah has 2 full teeth and 4 more coming in. Judah has been standing with things to hold onto for sometime. His first assisted steps have also been made. Feeding time is a hit and miss, we are a bit confused on how he is part of our family and doesn't enjoy food very


At seven months Judah weighed almost 20 lbs and was over 2 feet long.
For Easter we ventured to La Crosse Wisconsin to visit with Grandparents, Uncle Ed, Aunt Sarah, and cousin Abbie. The plane ride went very smooth on the way there, and had a little frustration on the way back. All in all he did very well. It was great to see the family and have everyone meet Judah. (pictures below)

When we came home everything was green and we had some really great weather. (pictures below)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Judah is cruising! He is crazy mobile! Nothing is off limits.
He is not crawling, but can wiggle, roll, spin, and scoot his way to just about anywhere he wants to go. Sitting up is still a struggle, he is good at it until he sees something out of reach then he lunges for it to start is journey (he is fearless and needs constant supervision). Anything under 12 inches is now within his range. Books and CD's an the botom shelves are fair game, bottom drawers get opened, and thank goodness I early on child proofed the wall outlets.
Ronald is becoming more and more interesting to him everyday and he loves to get out of the house.
Food wise, there is nothing as yummy as oatmeal and prune juice. Peas and carrots were ok, but definetely not a yummy meal for him.
In about three weeks, Judah will take his first plane ride to see the family in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He will see Grandma and Grandpa together and meet his Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin for the first time. Should be an exciting Easter!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Much Love!

Monday, March 9, 2009

More pictures.......

Judah likes Avacado!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food and Teeth

Judah turned 6 months old last Wednesday!

He has been eating solids for awhile, but on Wednesday we started with more flavorful food SWEET POTATOES! Which by the way he does not like. Tonight we will try avacodo and later in the week banana. All in all he doing all right with the food.

Teething has been happening jor about a week. It is clearly causing some distress in his life, but all in all we can't complain.

Sitting up seems to have become less of a priority as he continues to discover new ways of mobility. Mainly flip flopping and spinning all of the floor till he gets where he wants to be. He can be quite quick in fact.

Here are a few pictures hope you enjoy.

At Melody's for Josh's Birthday party.

If you click the photo to blow it up, you can see the begining of two teeth.