Wednesday, June 10, 2009

9 months oh my!

Judah turned nine months old on the 4th! He had his Dr appt today. He is 28.75" tall and 19 lbs 12oz. He is so busy moving instead of eating solids that he only grew up and put on no weight. Lately he has started to take a new interest in food as he works on picking up items to put in his mouth. One time he even made it! As long as he puts on 4 oz in the next 3 months, we can turn the car seat around.

Also here is a video that is sure to embarass him later in life.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Judah on the move

Since our last post Judah went to Seattle for mom's Certified Nurse Midwife Conference. He had a blast. There were about 1000 midwives to pay attention to him. His favorite were all the hotel mirrors, especially the ones in the elevator. He handled the drives pretty well.

Judah has really focused on being vertical lately. He can pull himself up onto things (couch, changing table, his co-sleeper bed, and the open dishwasher). The dishwasher has proven to be quite compelling, lately the sound of the dishwasher opening causes Judah to stop everything and crawl over as fast as he can to getup on the door and play with the racks.

Last night we gave Judah a walker (thank you Julia) and he took to it right away. He is already starting to steer and will stop it and use it to get to what he wants (like the dishwasher). Once he figures out reverse he will be able to go just about anywhere in an "Austin Powers in a cart" sort of way.

Below are a few shots and a video.

P.S. He gets that look from Kate, I can't even make my eyebrows do that.