Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6+ weeks!

So, Judah is over 6 weeks old!! Let's see... what's new? Well, at Kate's check-up we had her hold judah on the scale and then weigh just her, and it turns out our little guy weighs over 13 pounds! And that was a week ago, so who knows where he's at now :) Judah loves the bath. Its a sure fire way to get a smile out of him. He hasn't really smiled AT people yet, he smiles at mom's voice and at other times, so it won't be long.
Judah slept for 6.75 hours!!! That was the most sleep Kate has gotten since she was pregnant. It only happened once, but it s good sign... maybe he'll do that a bit more.
We went to Tacoma to visit friends. Judah met Katie, Meghan, Melissa, Keja, and Jessica. It was good to leave town and have a little overnighter. Kate especially enjoyed playing MarioKart on the Wii. Shelby mostly kicked her butt though.
Shelby informed his employer of his plans to be a stay-at-home dad... take that holidays in retail!!!

Daddy and Judah

Yeah! Bathtime!

kicking around in the bath

Ron came to assess the situation

Big boy stretch on the changing table

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 5 update

First of all the pro photos are up. Follow the link below and use the password "robinson"


They will be up until October 31st and prints can be ordered directly off the website.

The last week has been good. Shelby did his first canning on his own and made tomatoe sauce (we don't know how it turned out yet).

Kate has been doing a wonderful job, she is a great mom!

Judah keeps eating and growing.

Judah went to Grandpa Tom's for dinner and met Great Grandma Freida and Aunt Julie.

First bottle.

Judah says, "I'm gonna need a bigger bed in a couple years."

Grandpa Tom and Great Grandma Freida

Aunt Julie

Friday, October 3, 2008

4 weeks!

We had one last week of heat and now fall is here. Shelby got a chance to climb Mt Saint Helens, then headed back to work.

Judah has been spending the days with Kate.

Enjoy the photos!

This shirt is a hand me down from Kate!

I love my play mat!


Shelby, Tony, and Alyssa at the Mt Saint Helens Summit. My Rainier in the distance.