Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011

Hello from our family of five. Kate is writing this blog with Abram in the Moby (sling). Things have been delightfully busy this month. Let's see, what's new... Kate's sister Jackie moved in with us and has been a huge help with the babies and Judah. Judah loves having his Aunt Jackie around for crafts and walks and all sorts of fun.
Abram and Vera are both doing well. I don't have any current weights to share because I stopped stressing out about their growth a few weeks ago. At last check Abram was about 2 pounds heavier than Vera and I can tell you without concrete numerical data that trend has continued. He is in a larger size of clothes and diapers than she is. I call him my tank. Vera is holding her own though. She's my little ladybird. After a rough first few weeks of getting tired during nursing and needing bottles she joined the power nurser club.
They are 8 weeks old today and we've had a few glimpses of smiles here and there for the past couple of days. They can both easily hold their heads up for long periods of time. Ah, the sleep question... everyone wants to know "Are you getting any sleep?" The answer is YES!!! We are sleeping much more than we were with Judah at this age. It comes in little intervals, but its there.
Judah is doing amazingly well. I am absolutely pleasantly surprised by his transition to big brother of two babies. He is caring and empathetic. Whenever one is crying he runs for a pacifier. He sings ABCs to them as well. He is also totally into doing is own thing. He likes bike rides, playing trains, and is starting to pretend. This is a totally adorable stage. I didn't think I would like anything past 2 as much as 2. I LOVE 2! But 3 is delightful. Watching his imagination at work is awesome. He can type his name on the computer.
Kate returns to work the week of Thanksgiving. Shelby is still working a couple of shifts a week at New Seasons. Jackie has a part-time job at a bakery.
Hope you are well out there!!
The following pictures are not in any real order, we aren't expert bloggers.

Abram and Aunt Jackie - 7weeks

Vera 7 weeks

We love this picure - sweet chaos of our recent additions.

Pumpkin carving

Vera 5 weeks

Abram and Vera -1 week or so

Vera and Abram 1 week or so