Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sundstrom visit, San Diego, and more!

Growing big! As far as milestones go Judah is talking a bit. Mommy and Daddy can understand him at least. Favorite words: KITTY (this is his most used word as well), more kitties, uh-oh kitties, milk, "and more," I fell, bubbles, bike, "I pooped". He runs with ease, stacks blocks, jumps, kicks a ball, and loves to splash around in the pool.
In April Shelby's mom, dad, AND grandpa all came out for a visit. Judah had a blast. He got is very first haircut during that visit. He did awesome! A little nervous, but sailed through it.
In May we all went to San Diego for a women's health conference. We hit the Museum of Man, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World all together. Shelby and Judah did the children's museum and Wild Animal Park while Kate was in the conference. There were lots of visits to the beach as well. Poor Judah had diarrhea the whole time but it didn't seem to phase him. We all got plenty of rest because mommy and daddy had to go to bed at 8pm just like Judah because we were all in one room.
June here in Oregon has been less than optimal in the weather department. We've only had one day suitable for naked backyard pool time and I didn't get any pictures of it. Next blog post is sure to include some of those. I will label the pictures below - they are not in chronological order.
Peace friends and family! - Kate

Loves that ice cream

Park on the shore in Del Mar

Judah and mom watching the waves in La Jolla

Judah feeding the giraffe at the San Diego Zoo!

He loved the whales - maybe even on par with kitties? Also, check out his bed head that day :)


Judah's a fish fan

Smiles and clapping for Shamu

I love the arm-around-dad pose... adorable

First day on the beach in San Diego

No caption required

Cutest buns in town

First haircut - the lady was super nice

FOUR generations of Sundstroms! Shelby, Sid, Judah, and Steve

A kiss on mother's day

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Judah is basically awesome. He's 18, almost 19 months old and is a total blast to be around.
So far, still not a ton of talking but he does have a few words down including: Mama, Dad, dog, ball, uh-oh, buhbye, baby and the ever-present, WOA!! He says woa right before or during jumping off of something.
Shelby and Judah try to make it to the pool about once per week. Judah loves it. Whenever we are at a children's museum type of place he head straight for the water play. As you can see below and in past posts - Judah is big into bathtime. In short; Judah + water = happiness.
Another obsession of Judah's - CATS. Oh my goodness this kid and his cats. Whenever he sees or just plan wishes he was looking at cat (90 times a day) he tries to say cat and does this sweet motion that means whiskers. He thinks the only purpose of our computer is to google image search cat pictures.
He's tall and not chubby. He eats, mostly on the go. Favorite foods: chicken, sauteed spinach, black beans, pears, and tangerines.
Please enjoy the pictures below. We have thought about cutting his hair, but we aren't ready yet :) We get that question a lot. Usually its right after "she's so pretty." Love to all you!! - Kate

Daddy and Judah after a bath

no caption neccessary here!

What jam?!?

Mama's sunnies

Helping around the house

Getting ready for bed

On a walk with Mom and Aunt Jackie at the Rose Garden

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Growing big and strong 12-16 months

Happy New Year! Judah is almost 16 months old and growing nice and big (and strong). He can run, kick a ball, climb on everything, eat with a fork with suprising accuracy, throw everything, and is working on putting his socks on. Still no real words yet although he does have "uh-oh" pretty much mastered.
Below are some photos of Christmas and Grandma Ellen's visit that took place in early December. Other random cute pics are thrown in. We will work on being more consistent with the blog this year.


Taking a really important call (notice the cell phone in hand)

Playing around with Grandpa Tom

I am a bus driver! Take that!

Reading night night books with Grandma Ellen

After a basket ride down to get the laundry

If you bathe Judah - prepare to be soaked.