Saturday, January 2, 2010

Growing big and strong 12-16 months

Happy New Year! Judah is almost 16 months old and growing nice and big (and strong). He can run, kick a ball, climb on everything, eat with a fork with suprising accuracy, throw everything, and is working on putting his socks on. Still no real words yet although he does have "uh-oh" pretty much mastered.
Below are some photos of Christmas and Grandma Ellen's visit that took place in early December. Other random cute pics are thrown in. We will work on being more consistent with the blog this year.


Taking a really important call (notice the cell phone in hand)

Playing around with Grandpa Tom

I am a bus driver! Take that!

Reading night night books with Grandma Ellen

After a basket ride down to get the laundry

If you bathe Judah - prepare to be soaked.