Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 months

Wow we are quickly approaching the 1 year mark. Was it fast or slow...hmmm....BOTH!

We are having a party on Sept 5th to celebrate Judah's first year! It is at Sellwood Park in Portland at 3pm. Just bring a side dish and let Kate or Shelby know you are coming.

Judah keeps on developing. His newest focus has been "figuring stuff out". He figured out how to pull shirts and bibs off his head, and gets upset when he can't put them back on. Toys that used to ilicit random hand slamming to make noises are now careful movement of individual parts for desired effect. He is turning pages in books more often than just trying to chew on them. He is still super mobile and very fast. No steps yet, but he reaches across further and further gaps every day while standing.

Judah is getting two more teeth on top for a total of 6. He has really taken to eating, which is good since he constantly burns calories crawling all over everything. Currently his favorite food "whatever is on mom's plate" and not whatever we carefullt made him.

Yesterday Judah met his Great Uncle Brian and Great Aunt Judy. We had a very nice visit and Judah loved meeting their dog who actually let Judah pet him and licked his face instead of running away. (I'll post pictures as soon as I get them).