Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Judah is basically awesome. He's 18, almost 19 months old and is a total blast to be around.
So far, still not a ton of talking but he does have a few words down including: Mama, Dad, dog, ball, uh-oh, buhbye, baby and the ever-present, WOA!! He says woa right before or during jumping off of something.
Shelby and Judah try to make it to the pool about once per week. Judah loves it. Whenever we are at a children's museum type of place he head straight for the water play. As you can see below and in past posts - Judah is big into bathtime. In short; Judah + water = happiness.
Another obsession of Judah's - CATS. Oh my goodness this kid and his cats. Whenever he sees or just plan wishes he was looking at cat (90 times a day) he tries to say cat and does this sweet motion that means whiskers. He thinks the only purpose of our computer is to google image search cat pictures.
He's tall and not chubby. He eats, mostly on the go. Favorite foods: chicken, sauteed spinach, black beans, pears, and tangerines.
Please enjoy the pictures below. We have thought about cutting his hair, but we aren't ready yet :) We get that question a lot. Usually its right after "she's so pretty." Love to all you!! - Kate

Daddy and Judah after a bath

no caption neccessary here!

What jam?!?

Mama's sunnies

Helping around the house

Getting ready for bed

On a walk with Mom and Aunt Jackie at the Rose Garden