Monday, July 6, 2009

Judah is 10 months old! He is suddenly discovering the joy in life! Several new activities have started in the last month including:
Crawling - on hands and knees (about 90% of the time now)
Standing on his own for a few seconds
He said "Bye"
He sort of says, "Ma-Ma" (When he thinks she is around and he is upset....aka nap time)
He can open the back screen door, and go right outside.
He can crawl up stairs.
He plays catch...well, a rolling version anyway.
He puts things in other things, and takes them out.
Recognizing different types of animals.

Food has gotten much better. Judah has begun to enjoy eating. If pea soup is available, you have to cut him off. Currently Avacados are out and pears are in!

Judah also met Great Grandpa George! That's 4 of 6 Great Grandparents! WOW!

Also Uncle Ed and Aunt Sarah came to visit. Shelby and Ed climbed Mt St Helens.

Kate starts a 9 day vacation tomorrow. Were going to take Judah and Ron to the coast, our first family vacation.