Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 Weeks Old

2 weeks old! Wow!

Judah's days (and nights) consist of eating, sleeping, diaper changes, and some awake time.
He seems to be very interested when new people come to the house. This week he met Grandpa Steve (who visited from Wisconsin), Dan, Laura and Steve, and the Jacobson-Dunlops.

Tomorrow is the 2 week Dr appt, stay tuned for weight and updates.

Judah also made it to a photographer's house. He peed on basically every prop they had. We will pass on the link when they become available. If you are interested in seeing Kate's maternity photos from her here is the link

Click on "Kate" the password is "robinson"

Enjoy the photos below:

Hey Ed, Sarah, and Abbie, Thanks for my jungle mat. I like to look at myself in the mirror!

Sleepy Baby

One of his smirks.

Meera, Judah, and Emma (the Jacobson-Dunlop twins)

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PamO said...

Great pictures on your blog site. I enjoy checking in often. Judah is a cutie and is so alert!! I hear that Grandpa Steve had a nice visit!
Take care all...