Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold December

It is cold here in Oregon. For the past week we have had off and on snow. Yesterday and today it will not get above freezing. Its not that bad compared to the Minnesota storms Shelby grew up with, but it is bad when it is uneconomical to prepare for the one snow storm every 5 years that lasts more than 4 hours. Translation for all of you in the midwest....NO SALT ON THE ROADS. We are lucky to get gravel on the bus snow routes.

Thankfully we should have a couple days with highs close to 40 degrees, so we should be able to finish the Christmas shopping.

Judah is changing everyday. He has a wide array of vocal noises now and uses them differently in different situations. He is grasping at toys and will pass them back and forth between his hands. We estimate him at 16 lbs now.

Enjoy the photos!

These are the steps to my basement (and laundry room). They are under our covered porch, but were drifted in with snow.

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