Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February! Judah is almost 5 months old!

He is rolling over now, front to back and back to front! He also brought back his singing which was on hold while he learned to grab things.

He has begun grabbing and tasting things, every toy goes in the mouth.

Still loving new faces, he does very well at Kate's office for lunch and is very happy people watching in restaurants.

Bath time is still his favorite. He also enjoys looking out windows, which will hopefully turn into being outside as it warms up around here.

Kate's corner (a message from Kate): NO, he is not sleeping through the night, NO he won't be next week either.. "have you tried..." NO!!! Please don't ask again. I'll let you know :) Thanks for your concern, but that's not the mark of a good baby.... so just don't. LOVE YOU!

I seriously don't know how Kate is functioning at this point. Bless her heart, she is great.

I'm so cute!

Nakey time!

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