Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow Judah is moving fast, literally! He has been army crawling for sometime now, but has really picked up speed recently. He can one side of the house to the other in about 5 seconds and loves crawling down the sky bridge at moms work.
He has begun walking with us holding his hands and has decided it is his new favorite activity (for the next week or so).
Teeth continue to come in. He now has 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
Today we got back from a short trip to Idaho. The trip was for Kate's Grandma Amanda's funeral, but Judah did get to meet his Great Grandpa Ernie (The first of four). As usual there were dozens of randoms in the airport who felt the need to tell how cute he is, comment on his eyes, think we said "Judith", etc. As it turns out, people like a little happy baby's noises throughout a funeral. We also ate about ten different kinds of pie.
Thank you to Lillianne and Stan for letting us stay with them and Tony and Alissa for taking care of Ron Ron Dogpants.

Next weekend, Seattle!

Judah with Great Grandpa Ernie

Having fun in Church

View at the wildlife refuge in Bonner's Ferry

View from Grandpa Ernie's front deck

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