Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here 2011

Hello all! So sorry we haven't updated the blog in, well, almost a year. Yikes! Instead of recapping the past 9 months I'll just hit the high points.
We moved!! We have been living it up as Oregon City residents for one whole month now. We now live just 2 blocks from Kate's work which is pretty much amazing. She walks to work everday and is able to come home for lunches occasionally. The house is twice as big as our old place. Judah loves it. He keeps saying, "new house - happy" which is pretty darned cute.
Come to that, Judah is just freakin cute. We love this stage. Even the tantrums are tolerable because of how awesome he is the remainder of the time. He says hilarious things; for instance when we put a napkin in his shirt so he could eat soup sans spillage on shirt he instantly said, "a front cape!" Judah is now 2.5 years old. He loves to ride his bike and be outside in general. He also loves having his nails painted and glittering. He's well rounded :)
We found Ronald, our dog, a nice new home that is a way better fit for him.
As for other news.... Kate is pregnant. Expecting in September 2011, just like Judah. We are thrilled, of course.
Here are some pics of the new house and our gorgeous boy. Take care all!!!
Shelby, Kate, and Judah

Our one day of snow this year!

Tunnel time

This happened spontaneously, I promise

New house living room

Judah in his room with his trains

Kitchen, clearly

The outside of the house on the snow day


drosenberg said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know where to begin commenting! Wonderful news about your new house and your new baby! Congratulations you guys! Kate, I'm curious where the house is - did we walk by it way back when? I also want to say that I love Judah in the tupperware. :o) Miss you!

Kate said...

Deb, its not on the way to our park we used to go to. Its back the other way, across from the ER. Can't wait to get the news on your little one!!!!!