Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Season 2012

Hello out there! Apologies for the serious lack of blog posts for, well I suppose its been about a year, yikes. Not that we don't have our fair share of adorable excuses. Sooo... where to start on the catch up. 

Judah: He turned 4 this week!!! Amazing. I am simultaneously amazed at how fast he's grown up and yet I can barely remember my life without him. He cracks me up and is so much like his mommy in personality and looks like daddy. He started preschool and is thrilled beyond belief for that. He did a fire station tour for his birthday and really dug that. He loves all variety of emergency vehicles, in fact. Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, tow trucks, etc. The ultimate right now is a police motorcycle with a lady driving.Judah is a natural at athletic activities and has been riding a bike without training wheels for quite a while. He got a scooter for his birthday and had it down in about 30 minutes. He did some speech therapy for some little problems with his pronunciation and is doing a bit better. He has no idea what Disneyland is, but we are going in a couple of weeks. I can't freakin wait to watch him loose it when we arrive. 

Abram: Of course he and sister Vera are an entire year old now. Now, that's an increment of time I can truly believe. It was hard but completely worth it. Abram is strong and sweet - a heart melting combination, really. He walks on his knees and is days away from taking some true steps. We call him Bam Bam because he loves to just make a bunch of noise and tear things up. He gives kisses and hugs - our most affectionate kid.

Vera: Oh man I love this little lady! She's our most laid back kid (more of a Shelby personality). Although hold on to your hat if you take a toy out of her hand - she's got a serious temper in there. I'm glad there's a long fuse though. She has always been the best eater in the bunch. Her favorite food is cheese eggs. She can say mama, dada, and THAT (really emphatically). Not too close to walking yet, but she'll get there.

Kate: Working full time and breastfeeding twins: EPIC. I have nothing else to add because I literally haven't done anything but work and nurse, that's it. Well, now that I think of it - my best friend "Aunt Stephenie" got married last month and it was beautiful.

Shelby: Kicking ass at being a stay-at-home dad. He cooks all 3 meals for the entire family, and they are yummy too! Actually, we just had our first restaurant experience with all 5 of us today - went well. Shelby stopped working at New Seasons in March. He is now full time manager of operations of Sundstrom-Robinson household. Certainly comes with a much tougher boss.

Okay, here are a few pictures and a promise to blog at least once per month from here on out. I'm gonna have to stop using the infant twins excuse on a lot of things now that they are a year old.

 3 little kids - no one looks at the camera at once (May 2012)

 Great Grandpa George and the babies July 2012

 Grandpa George, Kate, and Vera

 Fire Station Day Sept 2012

 Birthday Boy driving a fire truck!

 1 year old - Abe gets messy

 Vera opening presents

 I love this kitchen! Thanks mom and dad.

 Brothers cooking

 She wasn't a big fan of the audience. 1 year old Vera!

 4 years old - unbelievable!

 Check out that hair - Vera in bath

 We aren't fighting for once!

 Twinsies - love them

 Her hair is difficult to contain - Vera on modified camping trip

Mr. Charming at campground

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