Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food and Teeth

Judah turned 6 months old last Wednesday!

He has been eating solids for awhile, but on Wednesday we started with more flavorful food SWEET POTATOES! Which by the way he does not like. Tonight we will try avacodo and later in the week banana. All in all he doing all right with the food.

Teething has been happening jor about a week. It is clearly causing some distress in his life, but all in all we can't complain.

Sitting up seems to have become less of a priority as he continues to discover new ways of mobility. Mainly flip flopping and spinning all of the floor till he gets where he wants to be. He can be quite quick in fact.

Here are a few pictures hope you enjoy.

At Melody's for Josh's Birthday party.

If you click the photo to blow it up, you can see the begining of two teeth.

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