Monday, March 23, 2009

Judah is cruising! He is crazy mobile! Nothing is off limits.
He is not crawling, but can wiggle, roll, spin, and scoot his way to just about anywhere he wants to go. Sitting up is still a struggle, he is good at it until he sees something out of reach then he lunges for it to start is journey (he is fearless and needs constant supervision). Anything under 12 inches is now within his range. Books and CD's an the botom shelves are fair game, bottom drawers get opened, and thank goodness I early on child proofed the wall outlets.
Ronald is becoming more and more interesting to him everyday and he loves to get out of the house.
Food wise, there is nothing as yummy as oatmeal and prune juice. Peas and carrots were ok, but definetely not a yummy meal for him.
In about three weeks, Judah will take his first plane ride to see the family in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He will see Grandma and Grandpa together and meet his Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin for the first time. Should be an exciting Easter!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Much Love!

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